The Trials & Tribulations of Learning To Play The Violin & Tenkminnows Project Opt In

This blog post was inspired by a recent post from @chbartist ...

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Mandolu’s Music Practice Tips Post no. 3 Developing Music Listening Skills

This post is intended to be useful to musicians of all levels of proficiency. Please comment below if you find it useful and give me some feedback ...

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Mandolu’s Music Practice Tips #2 Fun With Scales

Learning is an important part of life and for musicians learning is an ongoing process whatever level you are at.This series of blog posts is intended to help all the musicians out there to do focused musical practice.These tips are all taken from...

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How To Learn to Play Music

Practice, practice, practice... I ...

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Krishna’s New Outfit

My entry for Photo Friday Competition. ...

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My 30 Year Old Cycad has grown a Pineapple!

How my Cycad looks Now ...

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Projector Fun, Making Art with People, Backdrop Pictures & Photography

This Post is created with #engrave, a DApp for #blockchain bloggers Created for @mermaidvampire's PROOF OF STEEM game. ...

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Change your Life, Learn a new skill, Grow Every Day

This blogpost was inspired by @chbartist's post I really enjoyed reading this post and all the comments as well. @chbartist's post gave me the incentive ...

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My Uki News Steemit Article

Image source ...

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Steemit advertised in local newspaper

STEEMIT Advertised in local newspaper THE UKI NEWS Uki is a small village in Northern Rivers NSW, Australia. Every two months, the Uki C...

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Steemit Powerup Story

New Steemit Members Need To Power Up Image source ...

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