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Steemit Powerup Story

New Steemit Members Need To Power Up

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Learning How To Power Up

After a couple of weeks of being a member of the #steemit blog platform, reading as many helpful articles that I could get my hands on and talking to more experienced Steemers, I realised the importance of #poweringup. I found that I was being held back! always waiting for my resources to charge back up so that I could upvote other’s post and write and reply to comments. I started to see the error message one gets when there are not enough allotted resources to write a post, far too often.

Acquiring a Crypto Wallet

My first attempt to get a crypto wallet was very time consuming, swallowing up a whole evening because it was a long drawn out process to initiate, requiring many documents for identity verification. I coukd not put my hands on the neccessary documents so i was forced to give up.

Reaching Out

Not wanting to be a quitter, I reached out to an experienced Steemer @daltono to learn more about Crypto Currencies and get some advice about powering up.

I took the advice and followed the clear instructions from @daltono to sign up for a crypto wallet, purchase some #bitcoin and #powerup my #steemit account.

I Discovered #coinbase

A few days later armed with @daltono’s advice, I signed up for a #coinbase account which only required my driver’s license, my mobile phone number and a debit card. After about 40 minutes I powered up my SP with a little over 80 SP. I have since done this a second time which only took a few minutes. My SP is now about 170.

Thanks @daltono

I was a little surprised to discover after my second power up, that my upvote at 100% was still not worth much and I now realise I need to build a lot more SP before my upvotes will help others.

We Live & Learn

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