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Steemit advertised in local newspaper

STEEMIT Advertised in local newspaper

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Uki is a small village in Northern Rivers NSW, Australia. Every two months, the Uki Community Technology Centre (CTC), publishes a local newspaper called The Uki News. I have been writing the technology article for the paper for 5 odd years now. I also work there once a weeks as a volunteer day manager. This issue I decided to write an article about #Steemit, an attempt to spread the word about the blockchain. i can't put a link to my article because it is not putblished until next week. In a nutshell, I told locals about #steem #cryptocurrency & the #steemit social media platform & how it works to earn #steem. Hopefully some new people will sign up for #steemit accounts.
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The Uki Church

The Uki Church is a traditional early settler building in the middle of the village. Many years ago a friend of mine rented the building and lived there for several years. it has since been done up and is again used as a church.
Uki is home to one of Australia's iconic artists David Preston, famous for his lino cut prints, oil and water color paintings. Since moving to Uki a couple of years ago, he has painted many canvases featuring the local rainforest and completed linocuts and paintings of many of the village's historic buildings.

Below is one of David's recent linocuts of the Uki church.


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