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Projector Fun, Making Art with People, Backdrop Pictures & Photography

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Fun Night Out

Last year my friend Bo and Vicky who is featuredi n the images in this post, got together with some other friends for a fun night of antics with a projector, some groovy white clothes and our cameras. I actually used my ipad to take these images, but others used their professional cameras and some used their phone.


Playing Dressups

Dressing up was super fun. Bo had a big basket of white clotes, of all different styles for us to use. White works best because if shows the projected image clearly on the fabric.

Fun With Cameras

The projector was set uo with a slide show of backdrop images which changed every 10 seconds, which was just enough time to get into an interesting pose and let others take some pictures.

Below is a selection of the pictures I took that night. ENJOY


Reflections of the 70's


Jimmy Hendrix Wallpaper



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