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My Uki News Steemit Article


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Advertising #steemit on a local level will hopefully spread the word about the #blockchain platform and encourage more people to discover us here and join.
I have already had some feedback from a couple of local people who plan to join #steemit. One of these people is an activist so he will be publishing really interesting content soon when he gets his account.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article for our local newspaper about #steemit. I published a post about it and said that I would follow up with the published article after it went to print; so here is the article.

Alternative Social Media site STEEMIT

by Louise Bally

A couple of years ago a new social media site called Steemit.com was created using a crypto currency blockchain. Steemit has grown into a successful blogging platform for crypto currency enthusiasts as well as for general bloggers, passionate about a myriad of subjects. Once you have created a healthy following of other Steemit users, you can earn serious #steem (a #cryptocurrency) into your account, which can be used on the platform to curate posts, reply to others, up vote other’s posts and create your own new posts. Alternatively Steem can be converted into $US and transferred to a bank account. There are also games on Steemit and other activities that reward the player with Steem Dollars (SBD).

Joining Steemit

It is free to join Steemit but it takes a couple of weeks to get an account verified and established. New accounts come with a limited amount of Steem so you can get started writing posts and interacting in the Steemit community. Resources recharge over a few days.

Meet People From Around the World

Many community groups have developed amongst Steemit members, for discussing popular subjects such as ‘natural medicine’, ‘music production’, ‘software development’, ‘homesteading’, ‘photography’, to name a few, as well as crypto currency trading, making Steemit a great alternative to other social media sites to hear the voices of ordinary people around the world.

Steem Chat

Members of the Steemit community chat on subject based channels and are friendly and helpful to new users finding their way. Some people prefer to use Discord as a chat app where you can find chat groups for almost every popular subject found on other social media sites. If you want to check out something different go to Steemit and have a look.

If you would like a copy of the who newspaper you can download the PDF here

The local Uki Village website

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